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You can call to your pharmacy as a first point of call for health advice & receive treatment for the following health conditions. Age restrictions apply:

  • Acne Vulgaris (> 12 years old)

  • Athlete's foot (> 6 years old)

  • Diarrhoea (> 3 months old)

  • Haemorrhoids (> 16 years old)

  • Headlice (> 6 months old)

  • Groin Area Infection (> 16 years old)

  • Threadworms (> 2 years old)

  • Vaginal Thrush (from 16-60 years old only)

  • Ear Wax (> 12 years old)

  • Mouth Ulcers (> 12 years old)

  • Oral Thrush (> 6 months old or 5-6 months pre-term)

  • Scabies (> 2 years old)

  • Verrucae (> 2 years old)


This service usually takes around 10 minutes to provide and:

  • You don’t need to make an appointment

  • It’s free

  • It frees up more time for GPs to deal with more serious conditions. We will still refer you to your GP if we think this is necessary

Minor Ailments

Medicines Use Review (MUR)

If you are a person with

  • Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

  • Using inhalers for a respiratory condition

We can sit down with you to have a chat about your medicines to help you:

  • Understand your therapy

  • Identify any problems or side effects you are experiencing

  • Find possible solutions to any problems


We can also help you decide on changes you want to make in your lifestyle choices that will help you manage your condition better and even reduce your need for some medicines.

Managing your Medicines

This free service is offered to you if you regularly take a number of different medicines.

The aim is to:

  • Help you understand more about your medicines (what they are for and how to take them)

  • Assist with any problems or queries which you have.


It will involve a confidential chat with you in the pharmacy consultation room or at your home at a time which suits you.


It is like a Medicine Use Review, but we can spend more time with you, and it covers a wider range of medical conditions.


It can be particularly useful if:

  • You have just been released from hospital with changes to your medication

  • You have a low level of support

  • You are unsure about what medicines you are to take and/or why

Flu Vaccination Service

We can offer the flu vaccination free to all Health & Social Care workers until March 2021 – subject to availability.

Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment


on 02825 821 333

Smoking Cessation

Many ex-smokers say quitting was the hardest thing they ever did. Yet millions of people have been able to do it—and you can, too.

The free Community Pharmacy Smoking Cessation program is designed to:

  • Support you in quitting when you are assessed as being motivated to quit

  • Provide behavioural support and supply Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT – patches, inhalators, lozenges, gum etc.), where suitable, weekly for up to 12 weeks



NRT doubles your chances of success when you use it right. Using stop smoking services in combination with NRT makes you three to four times more likely to quit

Enquire about our in-store services

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